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Artifical Intelligence

AI is very centric in today's world, and is the future. We believe investing in AI has long term benefits to humanity.

Machine Learning

ML deals with self-improving algorithms to find insights from data. Amazon, Google, Microsoft are heavily invested in ML to improve their products.

Free of cost 1

The course is offered Free of Cost and students will be awarded with a bonafide certificate subject to completion.

Share knowledge 2

Particular emphasis and guidance towards building a project during the period, under the mentorship of multiple SMEs for the course set.

Hands On Projects 3

Work on many projects under each topic, and build for the real world.

That's not all !

What is this about?
PESU I/O is offering a consolidated course set in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the summer which will cover all the way from basic fundamentals to advanced topics.
What will we offer?
The course will cover Introduction to Git, Basic and Advanced Python, Basics of Data Structures and Certain Algorithms, Data Science and Its Applications, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
When and where?
The course will be offered online as a MOOC. The course can be taken from your home with a computer. It'll be complimented with Webinars and optional meetups for project discussion once a week. The course will commence on June 3rd 2019.