What We Offer!

PESU I/O Courses is a first-ever peer to peer learning system, where students interact with Subject Matter Experts of plethora of domains ranging from Co-Curriculars to Extra-Curriculars. It implements the concept of a flipped classroom, where the juniors gain insights and aspire to be like the SME, and the SMEs have an intellectually stimulating, worthwhile experience.

PESU PPT aims to enable PESU students to better prepare for placement exams, by providing them exposure to the types and levels of questions asked by top recruiters visiting the university, conditioning them to the test environment, and providing them feedback on their results for constant improvement.

PESU I/O Projects provide a platform for students to collaborate and work with their peers under the supervision of a senior mentor on projects of various technical domains. It provides students exposure of working in a team towards a common end product in a collaborative environment.

PESU I/O Forums is a place where you can meet enthusiastic peers who are willing to collaborate, learn and grow together in fields like Machine Learning, Algorithms, Web Development, and lots more! Ask questions, post project ideas, help others learn and be a part of a buzzing new community!

PESU Inc aims to provide a platform for PESU students to identify and develop potential products for use in the university. Students recognize potential problem statements, propose a use-case, work on developing the prototype, and implement it in the university, helping thousands of people in the way.



Here at PESU I/O,

we are always trying to approach Learning in the most eccentric of ways.
Here's a little glimpse of our student's experience with us.


Student Meetups



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Alumni Meet

An exquisite networking event, packed with brilliant minds from many reputed corporate leaders, and top universities. Our SMEs shared their journey of success and inspired many.

Journey of I/O

PESU I/O kicked off three years ago with a tremendous outcome and it's only gotten better. This is a small snippet of our most important events, and how we've contributed. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this journey!